Orthomolecular Medicine

It is a form of functional or alternative medicine that cures a person through Nutritional Supplementation. The word disease or Dis-ease represents a molecular imbalance of required nutrients in the body.

Human body is made up of macro and micro minerals, vitamins, electrolytes, coenzymes, enzymes, amino acids, hormones and fatty acids. They are should be in proper prepositions to create a state of homeostatis. Any distraction in their proportion cause a disease that manifests with signs and symptoms. These signs and symptoms are the cry of the body.

“The disease “and that can be cured by balancing the body by increasing or decreasing the quantity of these valuable life sustaining elements. This medicine is contrary to allopathy or so called modern medicine that uses chemicals to treat a part of the body and causes adverse side effects whereas Orthomolecular medicine treats/ cures the whole, not the part of the body without any side effects.